Four Things You Need to Know from the Mercedes-AMG E63 2017

DETROIT – The fifth generation of the Mercedes Benz E-Class has officially slid in early 2016 North American International Motor Show in Detroit. Possible highest variant, Mercedes-AMG E63 will slide next year as the model 2017. Here, five things to know from Mercedes-AMG E63., As quoted from indianautosblog.

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1. Body Style Exterior Design Mercedes-AMG E63 will be marked with the distinctive design of the ventilation grille and there is the AMG logo. The size of the grille, air dam, and the water inlets wider. Rear bumper with integrated exhaust.
2. Engines 2017 Mercedes-AMG E63 is equipped with a V8 gasoline engine, M177, 4.0-liter, twin-turbo, which has been designed for two different models. For the standard model E 63, the machine can shoot as strong as 562.96 hp and peak torque of 750 nm. As for the model upon which E 63 S offers a more powerful performance, 603.39 hp and torque of 850 nm.
3. Transmission and Acceleration V8 engine mated to an automatic transmission MCT 9 acceleration, which allows Mercedes-standard E63 AMG accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.7 seconds. While E 63 S a little faster which is 3.5 seconds.
4. Debut 2017 Mercedes-AMG E63 will reportedly make its debut at the Paris Motor Show held in October 2016. The possibility of a German luxury car was marketed from early 2017.

Entrepreneur Rich Sues Ferrari

FLORIDA – A wealthy businessman and collector of Ferrari in North Carolina, USA, is suing Ferrari North America. The reason Ferrari North America does not want to sell a Ferrari hypercar to himself.

A guy named Preston Henn was known to have collected Ferrari since last 60 years. Because he knows the ins and outs of Ferrari products, including classic cars. The model that will be purchased 85-year-old man was Ferrari LaFerrari convertible version, known as LaFerrari Spider / Aperta. Ferrari Italia party itself only produces LaFerrari Spider 150 units for the whole world.
Ferrari also has not revealed the official price of the hybrid hypercar. But ordering cost anywhere between $ 1 million and $ 3 million, or between Rp14 billion and Rp40 billion. Henn said he considered not qualified to buy LaFerrari Spider. So says the Ferrari through friends Henn. He had already sent a check for $ 1 million to the Chrysler Automobiles Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne as a deposit purchase LaFerrari Spider, but the money was returned. He was disappointed to Ferrari North America and considers the mention does not qualify it as a sacrilege.
In a lawsuit filed documents to the District Court in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Henn calls that he qualified people about Ferrari. “The most qualified among 10 people who have qualified in the United States associated with the specified standard Ferrari to determine who had the ‘privilege’ in buying a Ferrari car that is unique.”
In the document also mentioned that Henn has now scored 17, including a Ferrari 275 GTB unit Competizion Speciale 1955. The car models most in demand among collectors and most valuable in the world. Estimated price is $ 100 million. Meanwhile, the Ferrari declined to comment on the lawsuit. “Please note that we never comment on the legal proceedings or complaints filed or to be filed Ferrari.”

Owned Used Cars BMW 507 Elvis Presley auctioned off, will you?

LONDON – After two years, the BMW 507 classic cars finish restored by a team of BMW Group Classic. Car production in 1957 has a high value because it once belonged to Elvis Presley. Thus quoted from AutoExpress, Monday (08/08/2016). The roadster car will be auctioned at the event Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Britain next week.

BMW 507 was abandoned for many years in an agricultural warehouse in San Francisco, United States, before it was discovered two years ago. Another point of this car is a privilege, the BMW only produce a limited amount, ie 254 units. It makes Elvis attracted to possess. But Elvis bought the BMW 507 is not in new condition, but the former. Before falling into the hands of Elvis in December 1958, this car was used Hans Stuck on the racecourse. Afterwards, Elvis replace the original paint into a red car.
It is said that it was doing so the fans to stop their efforts to write a phone number on the car body uses lipstick. After being released Elvis, this car falls into the hands of an engineer, Jack Castor. He also had plans to restore the car. Because not also get the spare parts required, the BMW 507 is only abandoned in the garage. The existence of that car then terendus reporters.
By the journalist, Castor introduced by BMW Group Classic. The process of restoration began. Unfortunately, during the restoration in progress or Castor died in 2014 at the age of 77 years to be exact. He has not Sepat see his favorite car. Team BMW Group Classic to continue the restoration process. Most of the original parts are paired back to the old car.
Modern and classical techniques combined to restore it as usual. However, due to constrained availability of spare parts, the team was forced to make back some of the parts using three-dimensional printer. Some parts of the car that made re-use three-dimensional printers are lever door handles and window glass. The original color of the car will be returned to white. The other part that can not escape is the engine restoration. This car will be auctioned on August 18, 2016, but did not say how much the estimated selling price.


Same with the operating system that has been in use at the desktop, operating system in use by the smartphone will also experience decreased performance when used in a considerable period of time. Well, the decline in the performance shown by the performance characteristics of the slow process of smartphone you have, or also called the slow or slow. Likewise with android system that is currently the mainstay of the system is the product of today's smartphones are already used the consumer.

The longer the age of your android smartphone use, then the performance of the smartphone will be decreased. It is caused by several factors such as the amount of use of the application so that the memory is full, and much more. Well, the way to overcome the android is slow or too slow, brikut are tips and tricks.

Tips and trick

Turn off Animation

One indication that cause your phone is weak in its performance that the displacement process is slowing menu. To be more agile then turn off animations displacement on the menu. The trick is select the MENU SETTING - Developer options and setting off on a selection of these animations are windows animation scale, animator duration scale and also transition animation scale.

Disable Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper or also called the moving image in addition to wasting the battery turns using Live Wallpaper can also slow the system performance of your android smartphone. How good you just wear regular wallpapers just are not moving.

Eliminate any nonessential applications

Privileges on android is the number of free applications appear on the Google Play Store. This makes the offhand android users to install a variety of applications without consideration. Though a growing number of applications that have been installed are not aware of your android smartphone performance will decline kinserja your android smartphone. Therefore delete the application that if you rarely use.

Less Usage Widget On Your Android Phone

Widget is a dai sortcat icon that displays a realtime information on the homescreen. With characters always retrieve and display some information in realtime, so if smakin many active widgets that will impact on the process kinersa your android smartphone.

Use a high-quality MicroSD

Although already in the Arm with their relatively sizable internal memory 4GB or 8 GB as well but most users still feel less memory that has been provided by the android phone. therefore many users are adding their smartphone with a microSD external memory. Using low-quality microSD which can trigger your android smartphone is getting slow. Better use high-quality memory in order to process your smartphone performance tetep properly maintained and is not slow. Well, that's all about the way that reviews like where your android smartphone did not slow, I hope the above tips useful for you to have a smartphone based on Android OS.

Thus yamg information I provide may be useful